We specialize in developing tailored financial solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best financing terms, optimize their credit obligations, and enhance their financial stability and well-being.
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IVEX FINANCIAL L.L.C is a dynamically growing financial services company based in the heart of Dubai’s business activity. Our company brings years of experience and deep knowledge to the financial sector, offering a wide range of services from financial brokerage to banking consultancy.
Financing Broker
Facilitating client financing, assisting in obtaining loans and funding from various financial institutions.
Banking Consultant
Consulting services in banking, including strategic planning and financial management.
Forfaiting Services
Trade finance through the purchase of obligations in export transactions.
Bank Brokers
Mediation between clients and banks to organize financial transactions and operations.
Claims Settlement Services
Services related to settling claims and disputes in financial operations.
Credit Review Services
Conducting comprehensive analyses of clients' and businesses' creditworthiness, advising on improving credit ratings.
Loans & Overdues Rescheduling Services
Rescheduling of existing loans and overdue payments, helping clients optimize their credit obligations.
Future Expansion Plans
IVEX FINANCIAL L.L.C is committed to expanding its presence in the Middle East and UAE. We aim to establish strong partnerships and client relationships across the region, leveraging our expertise and innovative financial solutions. Our strategy includes:
Enhancing Regional Connectivity
Building a network of local and regional offices to better serve our clients in the Middle East.
Tailoring Services to Regional Needs
Developing financial products and services specifically designed for the Middle Eastern market.
Investing in Local Talent
Recruiting and training local professionals to strengthen our team and ensure a deep understanding of the regional market dynamics.
Building Strategic Partnerships
Collaborating with local financial institutions and regulatory bodies to enhance our service offerings and compliance.
Our current Clients involved in goods trading activity and we help them with forfaiting service
Forfaiting can be a beneficial tool for exporters, as it offers a means to obtain cash flow by unlocking the value of future receivables. It also provides protection against risks such as political instability, currency inconvertibility, or payment default by the buyer. Overall, forfaiting serves as an effective financing option for exporters, particularly in transactions involving significant credit periods.
Benefits of Forfaiting
In many countries, particularly in the emerging markets, providing extended payment terms will greatly improve the chances of winning a contract. Obviously, most exporters would much prefer being paid in cash, without exposing themselves to the costs and risks associated with providing financing to their clients. Forfaiting allows the exporter to meet these needs without taking any additional risk.

With LFC support, the exporter can provide deferred payment financing as a part of the sales proposal or quotation, thereby anticipating the buyer’s needs. Furthermore, by focusing the negotiation on the credit terms offered, the exporter may face substantially less pressure to reduce the price. That in turn, may mean better sales margins and higher profitability.
However, the most significant advantage offered by forfaiting is its usefulness as a selling tool, particularly for sales into countries where buyers lack the resources to pay cash against delivery. For buyers in this segment of the market, the ability to defer payments will affect their choice of supplier. By integrating the financing solution into the sales contract, LFC helps exporters clearly define a strategy that can increase the probability of winning a contract, improve cash-flow and eliminate the risk of a payment default, while protecting their profit margin.
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